Company Structure

CytoTools AG is publicly listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange and is structured as an investment and holding company and as such holds investments in its subsidiaries DermaTools Biotech GmbH and CytoPharma GmbH.

CytoTools AG manages and secures all therapeutic assets and developments of its subsidiaries, which own an extensive and ever-growing portfolio of patents as well as providing funding and coordinating the worldwide allocation of exclusive licenses. In return, the subsidiaries are responsible for development work around the various products. Currently, CytoTools AG is the largest shareholder (approx.65 %) in DermaTools Biotech GmbH which is active in the field of dermatology and urology, and it holds 65 % in CytoPharma GmbH, which takes care of product development for cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and other indications.

High transparency
The holding company structure ensures a high transparency in the use of funds for research and development. Licensing or outright sales of products are easily possible due to this structure.

Lean operations
CytoTools focuses on research and development in-house and outsources its clinical research and manufacturing. This results in a lean and flexible operational management structure.

Information on the subsidiaries:

DermaTools Biotech GmbH
Ownership interest: approx. 65 %
Registered Office: Darmstadt
Field of activity: Dermatology, urology

CytoPharma GmbH
Ownership interest: 65 %
Registered Office: Darmstadt
Field of activity: Cardiovascular diseases, cancer