About CytoTools

CytoTools AG is a biotechnology company focused on translating fundamental biology research on the mechanisms of cell growth and programmed cell death into unique therapies that are designed to treat the cause of the disease rather than the symptoms.

Pipeline and therapeutic focus
The Company has developed a robust and diverse pipeline of disease modifying therapies that comprise proprietary small molecules and biologics. These have the potential to provide new treatment options in dermatology, cardiology and angiology, urology and oncology.

Lead clinical product - DermaPro®
CytoTools’ lead product, DermaPro® (CLO5), has completed Phase III clinical trials in India and has demonstrated rapid and effective wound healing in patients with diabetic foot ulcers, a condition that is notoriously difficult to treat. Partnered with Centaur Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai, for licensing in India, DermaPro® received market authorization in March 2019. The preparations for the market launch in India have already commenced.

The clinical dose-finding study in Europe has been completed and preparations for the application for carrying out the European phase III trials are nearing completion. After receipt of the final trial approval, patient recruiting will begin promptly and quickly.

In addition to its wound healing properties, DermaPro® has also demonstrated germicidal activity and is being used as an anti-infective in Utisept®, a medical device that is designed to flush the bladder as a means to effectively treat persistent urinary tract infections.

Business strategy and Patent portfolio
The Company’s business strategy is to advance its therapeutic candidates to a stage where they can be partnered, licensed or sold to international pharmaceutical companies for further clinical development or global marketing. CytoTools has an extensive and broad patent portfolio that covers its know-how and therapeutic assets worldwide.

Located in Darmstadt, Germany, CytoTools AG is a publicly listed company on the Frankfurt stock exchange with a strong investor base.