About CytoTools

CytoTools AG, Darmstadt, is an investment company that invests in innovative biotechnology or medical technology companies with equity or debt capital. The holding period of the investments varies, but the aim is a long-term commitment in which CytoTools AG actively co-operates with the management of the investment as a project partner.

Interesting target companies have a patented technology or a patented product with a long remaining patent validity. They can be used for the treatment of diseases with a high "medical need", i.e. a therapy standard that requires improvement.

CytoTools AG currently holds a majority stake in DermaTools Biotech GmbH and as the largest shareholder in Cytopharma GmbH.

CytoTools AG intends to continue to invest in innovative projects beyond the existing shareholdings and to generate the necessary funds for this also through capital increases and the acquisition of additional investors for CytoTools AG.

CytoTools AG is listed on the Basic Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. No research and development takes place in CytoTools itself. The associated companies are companies with an independent legal form. CytoTools AG manages its investments as financial assets; the associated companies are not consolidated.

The objective is to enable the development of innovative products for the diagnosis, alleviation or cure of diseases through investments, preferably in the equity of companies, and thus to create sustainable value for CytoTools shareholders, patients and healthcare systems.